What We Believe


What is Church DNA?
DNA is best described as the basic genetic building blocks that determine who we are and ultimately what we will become.  Many in church leadership and consulting are using this concept of DNA as a benchmark for assessing church health and direction.  Every church has building blocks that determine its current practices and its plan for the future.

The DNA of a Bible Believing Church:
It is our responsibility to be faithful to God's Word, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, and equip the saints.  It is God's responsibility to build and grow the church.  The founder and leader of A Better Life Fellowship is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Center:
We believe that everything we do at ABLF should glorify Jesus Christ.  At the center of our worship, teaching, and the ministries of ABLF is the life of Jesus Christ.  Every ministry and activity at this church will be evaluated in its effectiveness based on how it exalts Christ.

Grounded in God's Word:
All of our teaching at ABLF is evaluated according to the Bible.  Our theological and experiential boundaries come from God's Word.

Empowered By the Holy Spirit:
We believe that every believer has received the Holy Spirit.  But not every believer is filled with the Spirit.  The only way to live a victorious and joyful Christian life is to yield our rights to Christ.  Every believer must make the choice to allow the Spirit of God to control their lives in order to live victoriously.

Everyone Can Minister:
We have a conviction that every person has been created with spiritual gifts given by God for serving and ministering to others.  We believe that the adventure begins by knowing and falling in love with Jesus Christ.  At ABLF, we desire to bless each person with the opportunity to use their unique gifts, talents, and skills in a team environment to bring glory to God.  We try to create an atmosphere for spiritual entrepreneurship and risk-taking so that each of us can work together to discover how to be used most effectively for God's purposes.

Grace Atmosphere:
We have a conviction that all of us flourish in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  At ABLF, we believe that in the same way Christ poured out His grace upon us, we should show the same grace toward others.

Casual Atmosphere:
We value a casual and relaxed environment at ABLF.  We believe that God cares more about the inner attitude of our heart than the outer clothing we wear.  We want all people to come as they are without religious pretense.

Raising up Leaders from Within:
We place a high value on leaders being developed from within our church.  At ABLF, we are determined to raise up earth shakers and world changers.